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  1. i’ve always liked narita, looking out my plane’s window, seeing the sky black with other planes, always gave such a warm feeling. which i’ve needed to survive the unheated lounges in late winter waiting 4-6 hours to change planes to/from the states. and the bus rides between terminals–getting searched before we got on, getting searched after we got off–always made me feel like i was the center of attention 😉

  2. Ben,
    A bus!?! As a frequent traveler to Japan, we met last year at DevCon Japan, here’s a couple pointers:
    1) If you’re going to do any traveling in Japan buy the JR Pass. It’s a special train ticket that lets you go anywhere anytime on local and bullet trains (Shinkansen) — minus one Shinkansen the Nozumi — for a flat fee of $253 for seven days. There are 10 and 30 day passes as well. The trick is you have to buy it in the states, as only gaijin (non-Japanese) can buy it. This pass also covers the 45 minute airport train as well as the the JR line in Tokyo, the one you’ll use most often.
    2) If your visit is short, then for $35 each way you can take the airport train. As you walk out of baggage the ticket booth is against the facing wall. No prior purchase necessary.
    If you read this before you leave you, can get a one way ticket from Tokyo Station to Narita as well. You can buy the ticket at any JR Rail office at most major train stations. The train runs on the hour and takes about 45-50 minutes, seats are assigned, not standing, and it’s the only way to get to that other far away city Narita.

  3. Welcome to Japan, Ben!
    I’m looking forward to see you technical round table at ANA hotel tomorrow.
    Ken Azuma
    Manager, JCFUG

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