Lesson In What NOT To Steal

This is just too funny ( A thief in Wisconsin stole a device used to track prisoners on home detention. And of course, the device not only alerted the authorities but also tracked the thief. You’ve got to love it when technology works.

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  1. Jack London Avatar
    Jack London

    I know it is off topic but I just want to let my ideas for these kind of stories.
    These devices are first steps to have a chip on brain. Dangerous! And I think USA is the biggest violation power for Human Rights in the world with these projects!
    I had a project something like that on my university (MIT) and I refused to work with military stuff for developing these kind of devices.

  2. JesterXL Avatar

    I’d actually love a chip in my brain, that way, on mission, HQ could track my position. Course, I’d like to work for the people who you didn’t want to work with…

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