After a day and a half without any power, no telephones (we lost cell phones on all networks as well as land lines), and almost no running water I’m back online. It looks like my site was up all the time (the data center has a backup generator), but it could not be accessed at times because most local loops had power problems. Anyway, we survived, and I’m now going to plow through several days worth of e-mail.

2 thoughts

  1. It appears your "tip-of-the-day" is more like tip-of-the-year. It hasn’t changed in months.

  2. As noted on the tips page and in this blog, the "Tip-of-the-Day" service has been deprecated and replaced by my blog. All existing tips have been merged into the blog which can be browsed, searched, and commented on. The tip system is remaining online but new data will not be added to it.

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