Anti Spam Spam? Ugh!

I am now getting spammed regularly by spammers offering to sell me anti-spam software. The fact that they keep sending these messages is making me think that there are idiots out there who are actually taking them up on the offer. And honestly, I find that more troubling than the spam itself.

3 responses to “Anti Spam Spam? Ugh!”

  1. Andrew Muller Avatar
    Andrew Muller

    Ben, wait till you start getting blog spam, spent some time this morning removing 10+ dogey posts from Full As A Goog – all from the same maniac in Spain.

  2. James Roden Avatar
    James Roden

    I just wish that thye would actually use proper spelling and grammar once in a while. I have been batting around a poetry book (e.e. cummings style) based on spam because of the phenomena;)

  3. Brandon Harper Avatar
    Brandon Harper

    Ben– you’re running Linux now, definately check out SpamAssassin:
    Once you get it up and running, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. At least I hope you’re using Linux for mail now, too?
    – Brandon

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