HttpWatch – The Secret to Optimizing Web Pages

If you have ever spent time optimizing the performance and user experience of your Web pages, then this utility may be the best $200 you’ll spend. HttpWatch installs right into IE and displays a pane which exposes everything that a browser is doing when a URL is requested. You’ll see the load time and sequence of all files and images, cookies and headers sent and received, whether or not caching was used, any HTTP status codes, and more. You can download a trial version (restricted to which sites it will display data for) from

5 responses to “HttpWatch – The Secret to Optimizing Web Pages”

  1. Aaron Johnson Avatar
    Aaron Johnson

    Not quite as many features, but I think:
    shows just as much information. Plus, it’s free.

  2. Geoff Bowers Avatar
    Geoff Bowers

    Then of course there is Mozilla’s LiveHTTPHeaders tool ( — it’s free too. Coupled with the other great Mozilla web development tools, it really makes for the ideal web designers browser.

  3. zac spitzer Avatar
    zac spitzer

    the log window from "the proxomitron" does similar stuff as well, basically a rolling list of the http headers coming in…
    it’s cool freeware which you can use to filter out all sorts of content… and because its a http proxy it works in all browsers
    the ad stripping alone makes dialup seem fast!

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Great. Thanks for the recommendations guys.

  5. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    Sorry to be late (just back from a long vacation). There is a free and very handy Mozilla add-on that really worth a check in my opinion:
    A somewhat related tool is also:

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