Trillian Does Blogs

I have too many IM accounts (at least one on each of ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and MSN). For a short time now (thanks to Jonathan Wall) I have been using Trillian (from as my integrated IM client, and it works really well (so well that I paid the $25 for the Pro copy within minutes of installing it).
But it gets better. Trillian supports plugins, and there is a blog plugin (actually, it is called the “news” plugin) available. Just specify the blogs you want to monitor, and the posts show up in the Trillian interface. Trillian will even popup a notification to let you know when specific feeds have been updated. This one is highly recommended.

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  1. Geoff Bowers Avatar
    Geoff Bowers

    Welcome to the blogging world! If you”re looking at tracking lots of blogs at once through Trillian… you can monitor the aggregated feeds at

  2. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Great info Ben! I”m a Trillian user too and loved to see it”s possible to extend it as a news reader too!
    Congrats for your new blog! I”ll be around.
    Alex Hübner
    PS: If portuguese is not a problem you can check mine – ;o)

  3. Andrew Muller Avatar
    Andrew Muller

    Greetings Ben! I kinda like what the news plugin for Trillian does with rss feeds but my experience with it has been that it”s a little erratic in the updates. Found that the easiest way to get what interests me was to use the fullasagoog syndicated feed as it had so many feeds combined at once (choice of 30 & 50 feeds)

  4. Phil Arnold Avatar
    Phil Arnold

    I used to love Trillian, until they extended the conversation limit on MSN above 5 people
    If you use Trillian and a 6th person joins the conversation, Trillian "ignores" that person, and you never see their messages
    Since a lot of the coversations I”m in now include 8-9 people at times, this means I”ve had to revert to MSN… so until Cerulean upgrade their software, they are going to be lagging behind

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