Prevent Accidental Resource Tab Moves

Finding yourself accidentally dragging panes in the Resource Tab when you mean to select them? You can prevent this from happening. Simply go to the Settings dialog, select the General settings, and check the Lock Tabs checkbox. Of course, you’ll need to uncheck this box if you ever actually do what to move the panes. (Applies to: ColdFusion Studio 5)

4 responses to “Prevent Accidental Resource Tab Moves”

  1. Dick Avatar

    I have accidently removed the "File 1" and "File 2" from the File Resource Tab.
    How do I get them back?

  2. Jeff W Avatar
    Jeff W

    And if you do get them messed up or undocked, see:
    Tip: Re-Docking Resource Windows

  3. Erik Ickes Avatar
    Erik Ickes

    This does not seem to work for the Snippets tab though. The right clicking function does not show the "Send to Left" option and dragging does not reattach. I’m using HS 5.5. I’ve also seen a reference to clicking Tools – Resource Tab then choosing Dock All but that doesnt appear either.

  4. Adrian Avatar

    What about the results pane? Mine is free and running wild and I need to get him back!

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