Create Projects, Lots of Projects

ColdFusion Studio allows you to create Projects to organize your development work. There are many reasons to use Projects, you can open entire Projects at once, perform global search and replaces across all Project members, and more. But the most important use for Projects is the ability to upload them to remote servers via RDS to FTP. You can upload an entire Project at once with the click of a single button. Which is great if lots of Project members changed, but if only a handful of files have changed then uploading entire projects can be very time consuming (even if you check the box to only uploaded newer files). The solution? Make lots of Projects – one for the entire application, one for each sub-directory, one for each logical sub-section, you decide. There is no limit to the number of Projects that any file can be in, so make as many Projects as you need, and work with the files you need when you need them. (Applies to: ColdFusion Studio All)

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