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Want to test your application on one computer with and without debugging turned on? You can, and you don’t need to keep changing your settings in the CF Administrator. Here’s how. The computer you use can always be accessed via two IP addresses – the actual address, and the localhost address ( This is true even if your IP address is assigned dynamically (via DHCP). And your local Web server can be accessed locally using both addresses. So, add address to the ColdFusion Administrator Debug screen, but don’t add the real IP address. Then, test your pages using the localhost address to see debug output, and use the real address for no debug output. (You can usually check your machine’s IP address using IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG). (Applies to: ColdFusion All)

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    what is IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG? And, how to use them? Can you give me some reference of them?

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