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Sams Teach Yourself ColdFusion Express in 24 Hours

ISBN: 0672316625

Pages: 526

Publisher: Sams – December 20, 2000

This title is out of print, and there is no newer edition available. You may still be able to find copies online.

ColdFusion Express is a scaled down version of Allaire Corporation’s award winning ColdFusion Application Server. Since it’s release in 1995, ColdFusion has proven itself to be a fast, efficient, secure, and highly scalable platform on which to build Web applications. And indeed, tens of thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide use ColdFusion every say to help shape the future of the Web. ColdFusion is a commercial product, and comes in two flavors: ColdFusion Professional and ColdFusion Enterprise. These products support all the features and technologies needed by application developers.

And despite all that power, ColdFusion’s claim to fame has always been ease of use. ColdFusion is so easy to learn that most users are up and running writing code in hours, not in days, weeks or months. And with each successive version, ColdFusion becomes even more powerful, and even easier to use.

ColdFusion Express is ColdFusion’s little brother, a simplified version of the ColdFusion server that is made available to developers at no cost whatsoever. While not as powerful or flexible as ColdFusion, ColdFusion Express does feature the basic technologies that you need to start building Web applications, and it runs on computers running Windows or Linux. And all at a price that can’t be beat – it’s yours for the download.

Regardless of background and prior experience, this book will get you and up running creating guest-books, personalized sites, secure login pages, and much more. Starting from the absolute basics, and covering everything from database integration to session-state management, this book was written by highly acclaimed ColdFusion instructors so that anyone who so desires can leverage the power of ColdFusion.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn ColdFusion Express (or the full blown ColdFusion, as everything taught in this book applies to ColdFusion as well). Whether you are building an online business, or enhancing your personal Web site, this book teach you all you need to know to be productive quickly and efficiently.

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • Hour 1: Understanding ColdFusion Express
  • Hour 2: Getting Started
  • Hour 3: Using HomeSite
  • Hour 4: Creating Your First ColdFusion Page
  • Hour 5: Working with Variables and Expressions
  • Hour 6: Implementing Conditional Processing
  • Hour 7: Using Functions
  • Hour 8: Working with Links
  • Hour 9: Using Forms
  • Hour 10: Validating Form Fields
  • Hour 11: Connecting to a Database
  • Hour 12: Collecting Data
  • Hour 13: Creating Data Driven Pages
  • Hour 14: Creating Dynamically-Generated Searches
  • Hour 15: Displaying Dynamic Pages
  • Hour 16: Creating Rich Search Interfaces
  • Hour 17: Updating Database Data
  • Hour 18: Using Advanced Variable Types
  • Hour 19: Personalizing Your Web Site
  • Hour 20: Securing Your ColdFusion Pages
  • Hour 21: Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Hour 22: Improving Application Performance
  • Hour 23: Managing the ColdFusion Server
  • Hour 24: Deploying Your Applications
  • Appendix A: Answers to Quiz