ISBN: 0321127102
Pages: 1096
Publisher: Macromedia Press – October 15, 2002

This title is out of date, and has been replaced by Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Advanced Application Development.

This is the revised award-winning sequel to my ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit.

Co-authored by some of the most respected ColdFusion programmers, all of whom have gained their real-world ColdFusion experience the hard way, this book is the only place you’ll find extensive coverage of advanced ColdFusion application development, including all the new ColdFusion MX features.

Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find in this new book: writing scalable applications, implementing fault-tolerance and load-balancing technologies, monitoring and fine-tuning system performance, creating secure applications, deploying server sandbox security, integration with NOS security, writing language extensions in Java, CFML, and C/C++, COM, and CORBA integration, XML use, working with Web Services, structured error handling, implementing distributed processing and intelligent agents, scripting and customizing the Dreamweaver MX development environment, sophisticated regular-expressions processing, internationalization and localization, and much much more!

I hope you find this new book to be a valuable ColdFusion resource. And if you are new to ColdFusion, or are looking for a general ColdFusion tutorial or reference book, be sure to check out my other ColdFusion book, ColdFusion MX Web Application Construction Kit, ISBN 0321125169.

On behalf of myself, the contributing authors, and the publisher, good luck with ColdFusion, and happy coding!

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Understanding High Availability
  • 2: Monitoring System Performance
  • 3: Scaling with ColdFusion MX
  • 4: Scaling with J2EE
  • 5: Managing Session State in Clusters
  • 6: Understanding Security
  • 7: ColdFusion Security Options
  • 8: Creating Server Sandboxes
  • 9: Security in Shared and Hosted Environments
  • 10: ColdFusion Scripting
  • 11: Using Regular Expressions
  • 12: Working with XML
  • 13: Manipulating XML with XSLT and XPath
  • 14: Using WDDX
  • 15: Using JavaScript and ColdFusion Together
  • 16: Creating ColdFusion Components
  • 17: Advanced ColdFusion Components
  • 18: Using Server-Side HTTP and FTP
  • 19: Interacting with Directory Services
  • 20: Internationalization and Localization
  • 21: Creating Advanced Custom Tags
  • 22: Creating and Consuming Web Services
  • 23: Extending ColdFusion with COM
  • 24: Extending ColdFusion with CORBA
  • 25: Extending ColdFusion with Java
  • 26: Extending ColdFusion with CFX
  • 27: Customizing Dreamweaver MX
  • 28: Creating Dreamweaver MX Tag Dialogs and Property Inspectors
  • 29: Creating Dreamweaver MX Behaviors
  • 30: Dreamweaver MX Extensions
  • Appendix A: Dreamweaver MX Object Model
  • Appendix B: The WDDX DTD


There is an errata available for this title.

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