I’ve demonstrated the C/Flex super wizard several times already, the first time in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, and most recently last night in Zurich.
If you have yet to see this wizard, be prepared to be amazed. It creates a complete client-server data drill-down / data-entry application, complete with DAO CFCs on the ColdFusion end, and MVC style Flex on the client-side. You define the screens (using a query/form builder) and the wizard does the rest.
Damon Cooper has posted a detailed entry on the wizard, and Dean Harmon has created a Captivate demo that shows the Wizard at work.

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  1. (corrected)Ben – keeping up with the newest innovations on Adobe Labs is becoming a full time job! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Hey I downloaded beta 3 and when I create a new poject I don’t see any of the new wizards like coldfusion. How did you get all those wizards on your beta 3?

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