Errata for Allaire Spectra E-Business Construction Kit

As much as I’d like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for Allaire Spectra E-Business Construction Kit. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I’ll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Original printing (860 pages, published May 30, 2000)

15Paragraph “The ContentObject Database”, fourth sentence.Should read “The CODB can be installed into Microsoft SQL Server 7, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases”.
15Paragraph “External Resources and Databases”, second sentence.Should read “Your Spectra application can use any Microsoft SQL Server 7, Oracle, Sybase, or DB2 database”.
32Paragraph beginning “Allaire Spectra consist of”.Should read “more than 200 custom tags”.
35Third line of page, first word.Should be “COAPI”.
96Section entitled “Using the Webtop”.Instructions state to use the “a2z” datasource, but fail to mention that this datasource (which should be named “a2zbooks”) must be manually created. This information was included on the CD but not in the book itself.
97Listing 6.1, call to <cfa_contentObjectCreate>.DATASOURCE should be “a2zbooks”.
97Listing 6.1 title.Listing is for file createapp.cfm, not create_app.cfm.
98Paragraph beginning “Now that the Application object”, second to last sentence, reference to listing 6.3.Should not refer to listing 6.3 (on page 104) but to a different listing that is not present. The listing should have contained a single line of code as follows: <CFA_ApplicationInitialize Name=”A2Z”>.
99Paragraph beginning “Spectra Variables”.Table 6.1 is missing, refer to table 3.1 (on page 33) instead.
153Final paragraph heading.Heading should read “Create the Book Object with the Type Designer”.
175Paragraph starting “Figure 8.48”.Text should read “Figure 8.45”.
177Figure 8.46.Wrong figure.
179Figure 8.47.Wrong figure.
180Listing 8.6, first <CFIF> statement.Should read <CFIF IsArray(>.
188Code in listing 9.2, “REQUEST.CFA.a2zbooks.DATASOURCE”.Should be “#REQUEST.CFA.a2zbooks.DATASOURCE#”.
189Code “REQUEST.CFA.a2zbooks.DATASOURCE” in snippet following paragraph “The button ContentObject Type”.Should read “#REQUEST.CFA.a2zbooks.DATASOURCE#”.
380Listing 14.2, first <CFIF> statement.Statement should read <CFIF NOT StructIsEmpty(“matches”)>.