Errata: MySQL Crash Course

Errata: MySQL Crash Course

Original printing (256 pages, published December 15, 2005)

3Final line: provide clearShould be: provides clear
17Second paragraph, second line: mysql -helpShould be: mysql –help
33Analysis block, second line:instj34ructsShould be: instructs
45First paragraph, third line: t able’sShould be: table’s
78First input block, third line of codeThe characters 77 at the end of the line are extraneous and should not be there.
114Output block, first lineThe characters j115 at the start of the line are extraneous and should not be there.
165First line: a single rowShould be: a single column
173INPUT block, final line of codeContains an extraneous ” after word bait
181TIP, second paragraph, first line: as is usually isShould be: as it usually is
183TIP, second line: possessingShould be: processing
189Second tip, first line: UPDATEBoth should be: DELETE
201Last line: same tablesShould be: sample tables
215OUTPUT blockThe output is missing the first column, order_num. Running this SQL statement will return 5 columns, not 4 as shown.
232Input block, second to last line: SELECT ordernumShould be: SELECT order_num
242Input block, trigger exampleThis statement was allowed when MySQL 5 first shipped, but has subsequently been disallowed. SELECT may now only be used in triggers if used in conjunction with INTO.
268First INPUT block, text: befortaShould be: bforta
269First INPUT block, text: befortaShould be: bforta
271TIP, final line, text: befortaShould be: bforta
282Obtaining the Software, second paragraph, first line: go be: go to
282Paragraph “To download a copy”, words: it clearly explainedShould be: it is clearly explained
290Creating the Sample TablesBefore running the scripts you will need to create a database. To create a database named crashcourse (as used in this book), use the MySQL command: CREATE DATABASE crashcourse;
291Third numbered step, second line, first word: lintShould be: line

Sixth printing (as per info page) (322 pages, published July 1, 2008)

44Entire pageThis page should have been blank, and is a duplicate of the next page, page 45