Errata for Sams Teach Yourself ColdFusion Express in 24 Hours

As much as I’d like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for Sams Teach Yourself ColdFusion Express in 24 Hours. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I’ll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Original printing (526 pages, published December 20, 2000)

177Figure 9.2The “Submit button” and “Reset button” callouts are reversed.
185First line of page, step 5.Should read “Type the number 3 into the NUMBER OF TAGS field”.
200Table 10.1, first description, first word.Should be “Requires”.
203Code example, first lineFirst word should be “Age:”.
265To Do, step 3, second line, first wordShould be “ordered”.
367To Do, Step 7.The following text needs to be added to the step: “Then add a second hidden field setting op=”d” for the operation.”
418Listing 20.4, line 17.Should read: <CFLOCATION URL=”../guestbook_admin.cfm”>