ISBN: 0789723654
Pages: 860
Publisher: Que – May 30, 2000

This title is out of print, and there is no newer edition available. You may still be able to find copies online.

This book is written for anyone who wants to develop next generation Web based applications using Allaire’s groundbreaking new development tool – Allaire Spectra.

Whether you are creating Intranet based content-management systems, high visibility e-commerce based sites, or highly interactive user community portals, Spectra provides the building blocks to create, deploy, and manage every aspect of your application in ways never previously possible.

But all this power comes with a price. Unlike Allaire’s other products (primarily ColdFusion and HomeSite), Spectra has a significant learning curve, and its use requires careful and methodical planning.

And that’s where this book comes in. Written by authors intimately familiar Spectra (many were involved with Spectra’s development), Allaire Spectra E-Business Construction Kit will walk you through every step of the Spectra application development process. From installation, to application design, to performance turning, to deployment, every facet of Spectra development is covered in detail, complete with real world examples and tips.

Some of the topics covered include designing and building highly scalable and manageable Web applications using modular and reusable component architectures, how to involve entire teams in the development process (allowing individuals to concentrate on what they do best, while still working as part of a group), creating sophisticated content management systems complete with embedded workflow and intelligent searching and indexing, using rules to deliver highly personalized content, implementing sophisticated security systems and next generation syndication technologies, creating sophisticated user interfaces while ensuring backwards browser compatibility via automatic interface downgrading, and much much more.

If you want to develop applications in Spectra, if you are interested in learning how the latest application development technologies can simplify your own development, if you are ready to embrace the new and exciting world of e-business, then this book is for you.

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Understanding Spectra
  • 2: Understanding ColdFusion
  • 3: Spectra Concepts and Technologies
  • 4: Installing and Configuring Spectra
  • 5: Navigating the Spectra Design Tools
  • 6: Introduction to Spectra Programming
  • 7: Planning Spectra Sites
  • 8: Building the Site Structure
  • 9: Building Display Components
  • 10: Creating and Managing Content
  • 11: Working with Meta Data
  • 12: Using Process Logic Paths
  • 13: Working with Workflow
  • 14: Searching and Indexing
  • 15: Using Message Queuing
  • 16: Using Spectra Security Options
  • 17: Site Reporting
  • 18: Implementing Personalization
  • 19: Rules-Based Publishing
  • 20: Syndication
  • 21: Creating e-Commerce Sites
  • 22: Extending Spectra
  • 23: Administering Spectra
  • 24: Deploying Spectra Applications
  • Appendix A: Allaire Spectra Tags
  • Appendix B: Spectra Structures
  • Appendix C: COAPI Data Types


There is an errata available for this title.

Supporting Resources

Spectra and Microsoft Access

  • contains data files and updated CFM file to make the sample apps work with Microsoft Access. This is for Spectra 1.5 only. Please read the README file in the ZIP file before using, and note that only limited testing has been performed on this bits so use them at your own risk.