About Me

Ben Forta

I am Adobe Systems Inc's Senior Director of Education Initiatives. My primary responsibility is a focus on students, both K-12 and higher-ed, with an eye towards digital and visual literacy, and the role that Adobe services and tools play in the future of communication and storytelling. I get to spend a considerable amount of time teaching, talking, and writing about Adobe products, and providing feedback to help shape the future direction of the products.

I am also an author, with over 750,000 books in print. I've written on SQL (including the best-selling SQL book of all time), classroom creativity with Adobe Spark, Regular Expressions, ColdFusion, Windows development, JSP, and more. My books page has details on these, many of which have been translated into 16 languages. And I have several new books on the way - stay tuned for more info (my blog is a good place to start).

Before joining Adobe (well, Allaire actually, and then Macromedia and Allaire merged, and then Adobe bought Macromedia) I helped found a company called Car.com which provides automotive services (buy a car, sell a car, etc.) all online. Car.com (including Stoneage) became one of the largest automotive web sites out there, was written entirely in ColdFusion, and is now owned by Auto-By-Tel.

I now live in Oak Park, MI. Before moving to the Midwest I lived in London, England (I was born there) and in New York and California.

Here is my Amazon.com wishlist.

There, now you know more about me than you probably ever wanted to know.

About This Site

This site has evolved slowly (ok, it's worse than that, I know) for more than a decade. It started out as a resource for ColdFusion developers, and then turned into a support site for my books. And now it's both, and more, and perhaps most importantly, it's a playground for me to keep playing with coding, development ideas, and new technologies.

  • This site is entirely powered by the latest and greatest version of ColdFusion, and is entirely dynamic and database driven.
  • The initial design was created by Joseph DeVore (who offered his services because he felt bad about the complete lack of any prior design), and his work was my public online image for many years. This new experience was created by the very talented Yohei Shimomae, and is an experiment in modern design, lightweight HTML with pure CSS for all UI and styling, and responsive design so that it looks right on any size screen or device.
  • The site makes extensive use of jQuery. My blog is powered by Raymond Camden's BlogCFC. The On The Road gallery section integartes with Flickr via CFlickr by Chris Blackwell, and the slideshow control is the really nice jQuery Galleria plugin. ColdFusion Twitter integration is courtesy of monkehTweet by Matt Gifford.
On The Road

I spend way too much time on the road - and have the pictures to prove it (well, some of them). In case you have nothing else to do with your time, here is some of the recent evidence.

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I do respond to all e-mail, although sometimes it does take me a little while to do so. My e-mail address is ben@forta.com.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn