1 Billion AIR Installations

The AIR team has announced that in April 2014 the number of AIR applications installed around the world (on different devices and desktops, so that does not include updates and reinstalls) surpassed the billion mark (that’s billion with a B, as in 1,000,000,000 ). They also published some usage stats pertaining to OS (over half of the installs are on Android), use (games dominate at over 70%), and more.

I was very involved in the initial launch of Adobe AIR, and (together with the Adobe evangelism, lighthouse, and community teams) helped contribute to early successes and adoptions of the platform. And so even though I have little to do with Flash and AIR in my current role, this milestone really is a source of pride.

Congratulations, Adobe AIR!

6 responses to “1 Billion AIR Installations”

  1. TheRabbitFlash Avatar

    I’m as Flash ActionSript developer very love it because I can create Adobe Air applications directly from Flash.

  2. Ben Avatar

    And Adobe lets down the flex technologies. Too Bad :/

  3. Tink Avatar

    Too bad, could have been so many more. Move along folks.

  4. Alan Avatar

    if you update daily. you will have one more billion install. Jesus!

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    As I said Alan, that number does not include updates or reinstalls.
    — Ben

  6. RayV Avatar

    I was looking at potential use of AIR in an upcoming project.
    HTML/JS for AIR predates and competes with Adobe’s Phone Gap investment. AIR for Linux is no longer. Recent activity in Adobe AIR Developer Center is 2012.
    I know you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, but is there any real future in HTML/JS AIR development?

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