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Adobe Slate 1.1 Released

A month or so after releasing Adobe Slate, we've just released version 1.1. Here's what is new:

  • Glideshow is a fun new take on the transitions you'd find in boring (oops, I mean traditional) slideshows, watch images beautifully fade and dissolve into one another as the text glides over the top.
  • We've added the single most requested enhancement (especially from teachers and students), support for bold and Italic text.
  • Support for iCloud Photo Library.
  • Support for email links (mailto) so that readers can email you right from a button in your Slate story.
  • Tapping the top navigation bar now takes you to top of your Slate story.
  • Panorama images now look great in grids.
  • You can now pull images from untitled Lightroom albums.
Go grab it!

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Adobe Youth Voices Award Winner Interviewed

As a girl living in the Bay Area, where 40% of all of America's sex trafficking takes place, 19-year-old Rebecca Dharmapalan is working to make her community of Oakland, California the first place child sex trafficking is eradicated. Rebecca won second place documentary in the 2014 Adobe Youth Voices awards for "International Boulevard", a film meant to raise awareness about this issue. She was recently profiled in Mashable and Huffington Post, and launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund her first feature film as a follow up to her documentary. This week, she will about speak about her mission at the Ashoka Future Forum in Washington DC and TEDxTeen in New York. Rebecca's mission is an incredible example to adults and teenagers alike, and we've posted an interview with her on the Adobe Corporate Responsibility blog.

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Adobe Voice At TEDxTeen

TEDxTeen is coming to NYC on May 16th, 2015. This year's theme is "The Next Big Thing", and teens have been challenged to use live action or Adobe Voice videos to share ideas or inventions that help make the world better and simpler. Here are some of the submissions.

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Podcast Covers Photoshop 3D Color Printing

Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, netfabb, and Shapeways have launched the new 3MF file format for full-color 3D printing, and TCT recently discussed 3MF with many of the involved parties. Adobe's Mike Scrutton weighed in on using Photoshop CC for 3D color printing. The podcast is online (the Adobe color workflow is from 13.30 to 29.22).

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Flash And AIR 18 Beta Updated

I mentioned the beta versions of both Flash Player 18 and AIR 18 (code named "Presidio") a couple of weeks ago. The team has announced that they have posted updates to both to Adobe Labs.

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