Simplified ColdFusion Server Management

ColdFusion 8 introduced server monitoring for single and multiple servers. This Flex based app provided access to all sorts of ColdFusion internals, alerts, proactive problem management, and more.
ColdFusion 9 takes this a whole lot further with a new tool called “ColdFusion Server Manager”. This AIR based application allows you to monitor as many servers as needed (including individual ColdFusion instances on a multi-instance configuration) and even offers pop-up alerts when issues occur, it allows for remote server configuration (define a datasource, for example), it also allows for settings to be applied to multiple servers at once, it can clear the template caches, it can upload hot-fixes to one or more servers, and it even allows you to select two ColdFusion servers to compare their configuration settings, highlighting any differences between them.
Oh, and before you ask, here are answers to the three most commonly asked questions. 1: No, this is not a separately sold utility, it is part of ColdFusion itself (and installed via a link in the ColdFusion Administrator). 2: ColdFusion Server Manager uses APIs added to ColdFusion 9, so no, this will not work with ColdFusion 8 or earlier. 3: no, we’ve not made any decisions yet as to product editioning, so no decision as to whether this is an Enterprise only feature or not.

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  1. Roy Martin Avatar
    Roy Martin

    Looks great, and good anticipation of questions 🙂
    One thing that I’ve always wanted for the admin / admin related tools is a ‘windows update’ approach to hotfixes. Where instead of upload / going to a separate site to find if there is a hotfix, then download it, then upload it. It simply list all the available hotfixes for that server version (CF9) and shows which are considered critical updates (ex FCKEditor updates) and you simply click the ones you want and install. This interface seems like the perfect spot for that.
    Either way, this looks like it’s shaping up to be a great release.

  2. Terrence Ryan Avatar
    Terrence Ryan

    One more question that I got on the tour was "Does this mean the Web administrator is going away?"
    The answer is, "No" the CF web administrator will continue to be available.

  3. Russ S. Avatar
    Russ S.

    Will it only be available in CF enterprise? It was a huge bummer for me when I found out that the server monitor in CF 8 was only available in the enterprise version.

  4. michael Long Avatar
    michael Long

    "…so no decision as to whether this is an Enterprise only feature or not."
    Duh. Look at the track record. Anytime CF gets involved with multiple CF servers (clustering, multiple instances, etc.) it’s an Enterprise feature, involving software that costs more than many of today’s 1U rack servers.
    (Sorry. An old sore spot.)

  5. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    Regardless of what edition this feature ends up in, it’s cool to see you guys drinking your own kool-aid. An AIR app installable from the web ColdFusion Administrator and connecting to the CF API via (I imagine) Flash Remoting. A perfect natural fit.

  6. Alirio Boquin Avatar
    Alirio Boquin

    Another amazing new improvement of CF 9. And there a lot more new stuff, I am working with the Prerelease Adobe Comunity. And some blog, say CF is one of the 10 dying IT Skill( How we can fight with this attacks Ben?

  7. Matthew Williams Avatar
    Matthew Williams

    If nothing else… I’m using this to push for moving all of our servers to CF9. I’ll be putting in a write up on it with a proposal by the end of this week, or possibly next. This is just amazing. Now, is it going to require going in by way of the internal webserver port? Or will it be able to just come in over 80? Please, let it be over 80 ;).

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Matthew, yes, regular port, and uses AMF.
    Michael, I’d have a problem when/if core features were Enterprise only, we did that once, gateways in CF7, and we thankfully fixed that in CF8. But server management features, clustering, anything that by its nature is intended for use with multiple servers, well, that I have less of an issue with being Enterprise only. Now I am not suggesting that CF Server Management will be Enterprise only, we’ve really not decided yet. But, if that is the decision, then I think I’d be OK with it. But, I am with you on not liking arbitrary restrictions in editioning.
    — Ben

  9. michael Long Avatar
    michael Long

    The thing is I know plenty of small shops that may have 2-3 standalone CF servers where this would help a lot. And even another where they’re running multiple licensed CF servers in a VM.
    But not when it’s an "Enterprise" only feature and the cost of a single Enterprise license ($7500) exceeds the typical cost of FOUR 1U rack servers.
    Just frustrating.

  10. John Mason Avatar
    John Mason

    Michael – Merlin Manager is an alternative AIR based manager which can manage CF 7, 8 and 9 servers. It’s in public beta currently and can be found at

  11. Jack Ring Avatar
    Jack Ring

    Since the server manager did ship "Included" with CF 9, where can one find the link in the ColdFusion Administrator which we need to install the manager?

  12. Peter Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve just upgraded to CF9 and this was one of the features that I went straight to.
    However I’m a little confused. I have standard and the feature chart indicates that this is included but it states that this feature is not available in this version?
    Can you confirm if this is correct – I was really looking forward to having access to this tool.

  13. Peter Avatar

    The Server Manager is included w/ ColdFusion 9 Standard and Enterprise editions. The product edition matrix on (website and PDF) correctly reflect this under Server Management –> Desktop-based Server Manager. Where are you see

  14. Peter Avatar

    It’s actually on my installation under server monitor on the admin panel. I have installed the air app manually and registered the server but it says unreachable for the server.
    We did have some fun with the upgrade where the import settings part went a little funny – not sure if this would affect it?

  15. Michael McKavanagh Avatar
    Michael McKavanagh

    Well the full matrix of features between the different versions is found here:
    I’m assuming these features are the ones that provide the feature in admin (which are only available in enterprise)?
    Server monitoring Dashboard
    Server monitoring API
    Correct me if I’m wrong….

  16. Joseph Campos Avatar
    Joseph Campos

    Any plans to be able to manage sandbox settings via the manager? The manager has pretty every thing I need except for the ability to update/deploy new sandbox’s.

  17. John Mason Avatar
    John Mason

    @Joseph, I don’t know Adobe’s plans for their manager, but the Merlin Manager does handle sandbox settings. You can get it at

  18. Cindy G Avatar
    Cindy G

    Does anyone know how to save / print / or export information such as the error requests in the CF9 server monitor? The snapshot feature does not seem to capture errors–unless perhaps I code a specific alert cfc???. And the monitor starts fresh daily…so I lose any previous data. I love the tool…but seems lacking when I need to collect info to build a case for mgmt. Any ideas?

  19. Rick Avatar

    Have installed CF9 / multi-user edition (licensed) on Server 2008 , including 9.01. Got the Adobe Cold Fusion Manager installed. But don’t see the “Server Manager” choice on the CF Administrator screen.
    The http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/entman/index.cfm page returns a 500 error. (CF Admin page works just fine).
    How to get the Enterprise Manager working?

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