What Would You Want From ColdFusion Microsoft Exchange Integration?

Here is your chance to help spec what could very well be a feature in the next major ColdFusion update! Ready?
One frequent ColdFusion feature request is for Microsoft Exchange integration, and this is something we are considering for “Scorpio”. Most ColdFusion use is on internal networks – intranets and portals and departmental sites. And so when you think about the types of applications being built in ColdFusion, Exchange integration actually makes a whole lot of sense.
But what does integration mean to you? What features do you need? How could you use Exchange integration from within your ColdFusion applications? Obviously, ColdFusion can send e-mail via , receive e-mail via , and access directory services via . But that is using Exchange, not really integrating with it. So, what else could you really use?
I have some specific ideas myself, but I am not going to share them (yet) so as to not lead the conversation. Rather, I’d like you to share your ideas and suggestions. If your organization uses Microsoft Exchange, please post your thoughts (the more detail the better).

107 responses to “What Would You Want From ColdFusion Microsoft Exchange Integration?”

  1. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff


  2. ricardo Avatar

    for everyone asking fir cfimap – have you used the cf_imap custom tag released on one of the macromed dev kits?
    It works. about as good as the old cfpop tag (i know the cfpop tag has had a great deal of work done to it since it was introduced). the only issue i ever had with CF_IMAP was that it didnt like emails with no subject. but it wasnt encoded so i could fix that.
    – not sure if it could create folders tho. but it wouldnt be hard to extend the tag.

  3. Mo Hadi Avatar
    Mo Hadi

    I am working on a site where users can generate a list of names and email addresses from a SQL database base on a criteria page.
    I want to be able to take this list and somehow EITHER convert into .msg file and send it as an attachment to them so that when they click on the attachment, they can access the distribution list they create OR have a button on the page that creates a distribution list on their outlook. Can this be done now? if so how and if not, this is the feature I would be interested in.

  4. Long Le Avatar
    Long Le

    Is there any way for coldfusion to be able to interact with exchange sever and retrieve emails in the public folder directory. I’ve tried using the new cf8 <CfExchangemail> tags but that only works for folders in my personal mailbox. Its seems like the new tags can do so much but not able to read the public folders. I’ve been pulling my hair out for 2 days so far with this problem. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

  5. Paolo Groppo Avatar
    Paolo Groppo

    Another vote for IMAP support!

  6. Sam Leicester Avatar
    Sam Leicester

    I have been looking to see if there is a way to access public folders as well, any solution to this? My Google ramblings haven’t been that successful. I am impressed with how quickly I can access and get a query of my own calendar, now looking to access a public calendar for meeting rooms.
    Any help appreciated 🙂

  7. Alec Avatar

    I receive many emails with entity id, entity names etc. Currently I have to forward these mails to certain people one by one manually.
    I’m wondering if I can create Cf app., read the subject of these particular emails, grab these emails content and forward them as a bulk.
    Is that possible? and do you have examples?

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