ColdFusion 5 Language Reference

ColdFusion 5 Language Reference

ISBN: 078972698X

Pages: 316

Publisher: Que / Macromedia Press – October 18, 2001

This title is out of print, and there is no newer edition available. You may still be able to find copies online.

This book is written for ColdFusion developers of all skill levels – beginners and experts alike. CFML, the ColdFusion Markup Language, has grown so rapidly that the days of remembering all the elements and their details is long behind us.

And that’s where this book fits in. Small enough to keep with you at all times, yet packed with more language details than found anywhere else, this book is the definite reference guide for all of CFML – tags, functions, and even the special variables and scopes.

This book is not designed to be read from cover to cover, although you may certainly do so if you are feeling ambitious and have lots of extra time on your hands. Rather, it is designed to be used as needed, in two very different ways: 1) For instant access to information on specific language elements, simply go to the element directly. Each section is sorted alphabetically to make this type of access instantaneous. 2) When you know what it is you want to do but do not know which function or language element to use, refer to the category grouping at the start of each section. You’ll be presented with a list of elements with brief descriptions of each, and you’ll then be able to go directly to the appropriate elements for more details.

The content in this book is organized into three parts:

ColdFusion Tag Reference is an alphabetical listing of every CFML tag complete with descriptions, syntax, usage notes, examples, tips and cautions, as well as cross-references to related language elements.

ColdFusion Function Reference is a complete listing of all CFML functions (sorted alphabetically and by category) complete with detailed usage instructions, examples, syntax, and cross-references.

ColdFusion Special Variables and Result Codes Reference is a complete listing of all special variables and result codes sorted by scope or by their related tags.

With this book at hand, you’ll have access to all the power of CFML quickly and efficiently

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: ColdFusion Tag Reference
  • 2: ColdFusion Function Reference
  • 3: ColdFusion Special Variables and Result Codes Reference