ISBN: 0789725851
Pages: 1130
Publisher: Que / Macromedia Press – September 21, 2001

This title is out of date, and has been replaced by Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Advanced Application Development.

This is the revised sequel to my ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit.

Co-authored by some of the most respected ColdFusion programmers, all of whom have gained their real-world ColdFusion experience the hard way, this book is the only place you’ll find extensive coverage of advanced ColdFusion application development, including all the new ColdFusion 5 features.

Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find in this new book: writing scalable applications, implementing fault-tolerance and load-balancing technologies, monitoring and fine-tuning system performance, creating secure applications, deploying server sandbox security, integration with NOS security, writing language extensions in CFML, C/C++, COM, DCOM, and CORBA integration, XML use, and user defined functions, structured error handling, implementing distributed processing and intelligent agents, scripting and customizing the ColdFusion Studio development environment, sophisticated regular-expressions processing, internationalization and localization, and much much more!

I hope you find this new book to be a valuable ColdFusion resource. And if you are new to ColdFusion, or are looking for a general ColdFusion tutorial or reference book, be sure to check out my other ColdFusion book, ColdFusion 5 Web Application Construction Kit, ISBN 0789725843.

On behalf of myself, the contributing authors, and the publisher, good luck with ColdFusion, and happy coding!

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Understanding High Availability
  • 2: Monitoring System Performance
  • 3: Different Ways to Scale
  • 4: Software Based Load Balancing
  • 5: Hardware Based Load Balancing
  • 6: Managing Session State in Clusters
  • 7: Understanding Security
  • 8: ColdFusion Security Options
  • 9: Implementing Advanced Security
  • 10: Security in Shared and Hosted Environments
  • 11: ColdFusion Scripting
  • 12: Using Regular Expressions
  • 13: Creating Intelligent Agents
  • 14: XML Development
  • 15: Using WDDX
  • 16: Interacting with Directory Services
  • 17: Internationalization and Localization
  • 18: Creating Advanced Custom Tags
  • 19: Creating User Defined Functions
  • 20: Extending ColdFusion with COM
  • 21: Extending ColdFusion with CORBA
  • 22: Extending ColdFusion with Java
  • 23: Extending ColdFusion with CFX
  • 24: Writing ColdFusion Studio Tag Extensions
  • 25: Scripting ColdFusion Studio
  • Appendix A: VTML and WIZML Language Reference
  • Appendix B: ColdFusion Studio Object Model Reference
  • Appendix C: The WDDX DTD

Supporting Resources

Source Code

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