The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit

The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit

ISBN: 078971809X

Pages: 1006

Publisher: Que – December 23, 1998

This title is out of date, and has been replaced by Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started.

The first two editions of this book have become the standard tutorials and definitive references for ColdFusion application development!

This new version has been greatly enhanced and updated to cover ColdFusion 4 and ColdFusion Studio 4. Much of the book has been rewritten from scratch, all chapters have been updated, and many new chapters have been added to cover new technologies and advanced topics. Some of the topics covered in this book include: understanding data driven web pages, and how to build web based applications, web interface ideas, including multi-part forms, data drill-down, and frames, using ColdFusion Studio, performing database lookups, insert update and delete operations, calling stored procedures, and constructing dynamic SQL statements, client-side form field validation using dynamically generated JavaScript, and enhancing HTML forms with drop-in Java form controls, project management, session state management, and remote development, creating online e-commerce applications, performing real-time credit card authorization and authentication, executing scheduled events, integrating with SMTP (to send E-Mail) and POP (to retrieve E-Mail), configuration and administration tips and tricks, tips on debugging and troubleshooting, and using the remote debugger, a complete tag reference, alphabetical listings of all tags, with detailed explanations and usage examples, a complete function reference, organized by category, complete with explanations, examples, and cross references, and much much more!

Also included is an introduction to ODBC, SQL, and relational database design.

The accompanying CD contains evaluation versions of ColdFusion 4 Enterprise Edition and ColdFusion Studio 4, and all the code listings from the book. As a special bonus, the CD also contains over 30 third-party add-on tags and utilities that you may use within your ColdFusion applications.

I hope you find this new edition to be a valuable ColdFusion resource. And if you are an experienced ColdFusion developer, be sure to check out my other ColdFusion book, Advanced ColdFusion 4 Development, ISBN 0789718103.

On behalf of myself, the contributing authors, and the publisher, good luck with ColdFusion, and happy coding!

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Why ColdFusion?
  • 2: Introduction to ColdFusion
  • 3: Installing ColdFusion and ColdFusion Studio
  • 4: Administering ColdFusion
  • 5: Designing an Application
  • 6: Database Fundamentals
  • 7: Creating Databases and Tables
  • 8: Introduction to SQL
  • 9: SQL Data Manipulation
  • 10: Introduction to ColdFusion Studio
  • 11: ColdFusion Basics
  • 12: ColdFusion Forms
  • 13: Using Forms to Add or Change Data
  • 14: Using the SQL Query Builder
  • 15: Form Data Validation
  • 16: The Report Writer
  • 17: Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • 18: Working with Projects
  • 19: Advanced SQL
  • 20: Working with Stored Procedures
  • 21: Advanced ColdFusion Templates
  • 22: Lists, Arrays, and Structures
  • 23: Enhancing Forms with CFFORM
  • 24: Interacting with Email
  • 25: Online Commerce
  • 26: Web Application Framework
  • 27: Session Variables and Cookies
  • 28: Working with Files and Directories
  • 29: Full Text Searching with Verity
  • 30: Directory Services
  • 31: Version Control
  • 32: Event Scheduling
  • Appendix A: ColdFusion Tag Reference
  • Appendix B: ColdFusion Function Reference
  • Appendix C: Verity Search Language Reference


Supporting Resources


The CD-ROM contains all of the examples and source code used in this book (along with ColdFusion software and third party add-ons). The following file contains the entire examples directory from the CD:

  • contains the entire examples directory structure from the CD (numbered per chapter).

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