Sams Teach Yourself HomeSite 4 in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself HomeSite 4 in 24 Hours

ISBN: 0672315602

Pages: 340

Publisher: Sams – April 13, 1999

This title is out of print, and there is no newer edition available. You may still be able to find copies online.

HomeSite has long been recognized as the premier HTML editor, and has received significant recognition as such. From humble shareware origins, HomeSite has grown into a powerful and capable application, and one that appeals to web developers of every experience level.

HomeSite was created by Nick Bradbury (who also wrote the forward for this book). When HomeSite became so popular that Nick could no longer support it himself he sold it to Allaire (the same folks who brought you ColdFusion). HomeSite is now an important part of the Allaire product line, and is the basis for the company’s ColdFusion Studio development environment.

I am an avid HomeSite fan, and have personally been using HomeSite for as long as I care to remember. It is therefore with great pride that I present the very first book on HomeSite – Sams Teach Yourself HomeSite 4 in 24 Hours (covering HomeSite 4 and ColdFusion Studio 4).

Whether you are new to HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio, or are an experienced user, this book will teach you how to take advantage of this incredible tool, enabling you to leverage it’s features to enhance your development efforts. And if you do not currently own HomeSite, a non expiring evaluation version is included on the accompanying CD.

I hope you find this book useful, and I welcome you to the ever growing family of HomeSite fans!

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Understanding HomeSite
  • 2: Getting Started
  • 3: Getting Help
  • 4: Customizing HomeSite
  • 5: Creating a Web Page
  • 6: Designing a Web Page
  • 7: Working with Fonts and Colors
  • 8: Using Images
  • 9: Linking Pages
  • 10: Working with Tables
  • 11: Working with Frames
  • 12: Creating Forms
  • 13: Using Design Mode
  • 14: Editing Your Pages
  • 15: Using Style Sheets
  • 16: Validating and Testing Your Pages
  • 17: Using Snippets and Templates
  • 18: Managing Your Web Site
  • 19: Working Remotely
  • 20: Managing Your Projects
  • 21: Introducing ColdFusion Studio
  • 22: Developing Against Remote ColdFusion Servers
  • 23: Using the SQL Query Builder
  • 24: Working with the Integrated Debugger
  • Appendix A: Answers to Quiz Questions