ISBN: 0321890965
Pages: 340
Publisher: Adobe Press – April 1, 2013
Co-authors: Charlie Arehart, Jeff Bouley, Raymond Camden, Ken Fricklas, Hemant Khandelwal, Chandan Kumar

ColdFusion needs no introduction, it helped usher in the era of web based applications over a decade and a half ago, and remains an innovator in this space to this day. With each update, ColdFusion has further empowered us to build and create the ultimate online experiences, and ColdFusion 10 is no exception.

ColdFusion 10 is indeed a very important release, one which builds on the success of ColdFusion 9 by adding invaluable new features and functionality. And that is key, ColdFusion 10 does not change much about the previous release, it adds features and functionality. This means that ColdFusion 9 code and apps should just run as is in ColdFusion 10, and any books and tutorials on ColdFusion 9 apply to ColdFusion 10 as well.

And this presented the publishers and authors with a dilemma. ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit (affectionately known as CFWACK) started off as a single volume, and then grew to two volumes in ColdFusion 4, and has been three volumes since ColdFusion 8. Recognizing that so much of the existing ColdFusion 9 titles applied as-is to ColdFusion 10, we could not in good conscience justify updating all the books and making readers buy them all over again. Plus, in order to cover the new features in ColdFusion 10, we’d have had to remove chapters from the existing books, and as the ColdFusion’s breadth and scope has increased, that has proven to be a very difficult task. After lengthy discussions with the publisher, the ColdFusion product team, and the authors, we opted not to update the three CFWACK volumes for ColdFusion 10. Instead, we decided to create a fourth volume to focus exclusively on what was new and improved in ColdFusion 10. And this is the book you are now holding in your hands.

This book, and indeed the entire ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit series, is written for anyone who wants to create cutting-edge Web-based applications.

If you are starting out creating your Web presence, but know you want to serve more than just static information, this book, in conjunction with the ColdFusion 9 books, will help get you there. If you are a Webmaster or Web page designer and want to create dynamic, data-driven Web pages, this book is for you. If you are an experienced database administrator who wants to take advantage of the Web to publish or collect data, this book is for you, too. If you have used ColdFusion before and want to learn what’s new in ColdFusion 10, this book is also for you. Even if you are an experienced ColdFusion user, this book provides you with invaluable tips and tricks and also serves as the definitive ColdFusion developer’s reference.

This book teaches you how to create real-world applications that solve real-world problems. Along the way, you acquire all the skills you need to design, implement, test, and roll out world-class applications.

Chapter listing

  • 1: HTML5 Enhancements
  • 2: Using WebSocket
  • 3: Charts Revisited
  • 4: Web Services
  • 5: Using REST Web Services
  • 6: Embedding Video
  • 7: CFML Enhancements
  • 8: CFSCRIPT Enhancements
  • 9: Object Relational Mapping Enhancements
  • 10: Enhanced Java Integration
  • 11: XML Enhancements
  • 12: ColdFusion in the Cloud
  • 13: Improved Administration
  • 14: Scheduling
  • 15: Security Enhancements
  • 16: Improving Performance
  • 17: Improved Integration
  • 18: Apache Solr
  • 19: Miscellaneous Enhancements

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Code Listings

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