Reality ColdFusion: Intranets and Content Management

Reality ColdFusion: Intranets and Content Management

ISBN: 0321124146

Pages: 506

Publisher: Macromedia Press – October 1, 2002

This title is out of print, and there is no newer edition available. You may still be able to find copies online.

This is your invitation to be part of real-world ColdFusion development teams as they tackle real-world problems.

Developers of all levels have been trumped at one time or another by the amount of time it takes to design, build, and implement a quality custom application. This holds true even in a ColdFusion environment, renowned for its ease of use and rapid application development. But developers don’t have to forge ahead on their own any longer. This book, part of a new series of ColdFusion books from Macromedia Press, puts readers squarely in the middle of a crack team of experts as they confront real-world development problems and design real-world solutions. The end result includes complete, configurable, high-quality applications that developers can use in their own solutions.

This title focuses on helping readers create typical Intranet and Content Management applications – the most frequently built ColdFusion applications. Written for experienced ColdFusion developers, this book presents thorough and complete case studies of that demonstrate and teach the techniques used by the experts.

The book is divided into five sections, each representing a complete application – a content management system, a reporting engine, a project requirements tracking system, a personal information management application, and a complete community site (featuring chat, threaded discussions, and more). All the documentation for the development process for each application is included, with an emphasis on getting results quickly.

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • I: The Intranet
  • I-1: Product Requirements
  • I-2: Initial Thoughts
  • I-3: Development
  • I-4: The Solution
  • I-5: Delivery
  • II: Personal Information Management
  • II-1: Product Requirements
  • II-2: Initial Thoughts
  • II-3: Development
  • II-4: The Solution
  • II-5: Delivery
  • III: Human Resources
  • III-1: Product Requirements
  • III-2: Initial Thoughts
  • III-3: Development
  • III-4: The Solution
  • III-5: Delivery
  • IV: Product Requirements
  • IV-1: Product Requirements
  • IV-2: Initial Thoughts
  • IV-3: Development
  • IV-4: The Solution
  • IV-5: Delivery
  • V: User Interaction
  • V-1: Product Requirements
  • V-2: Initial Thoughts
  • V-3: Development
  • V-4: The Solution
  • V-5: Delivery

Supporting Resources


The applications created in this book may be downloaded in their entirety here. Refer to the readme within each ZIP file for usage notes and installation instructions.