Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (Fifth Edition) includes challenges at the end of some lessons. Solutions to the challenges are presented here. Just keep in mind that there is rarely one solution to a SQL challenge, so if your solutions look different but produce the desired result, that’s ok.

Lesson 16

USA State abbreviations should always be in upper case. Write a SQL statement to update all USA addresses, both vendor states (vend_state in Vendors) and customer states (cust_state in Customers) so that they are upper case.

UPDATE Vendors
SET vend_state = UPPER(vend_state)
WHERE vend_country = 'USA';
UPDATE Customers
SET cust_state = UPPER(cust_state)
WHERE cust_country = 'USA';
Category: Lesson 16

In Lesson 15 Challenge 1 I asked you to add yourself to the Customers table. Now delete yourself. Make sure to use a WHERE clause (and test it with a SELECT before using it in DELETE) or you’ll delete all customers!

-- First test the WHERE to make sure it selects only what you want to delete
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE cust_id = 1000000042;
-- Then do it!
DELETE Customers
WHERE cust_id = 1000000042;
Category: Lesson 16

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