Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (Fifth Edition) includes challenges at the end of some lessons. Solutions to the challenges are presented here. Just keep in mind that there is rarely one solution to a SQL challenge, so if your solutions look different but produce the desired result, that’s ok.

Lesson 7

A common use for aliases is to rename table column fields in retrieved results (perhaps to match specific reporting or client needs). Write a SQL statement that retrieves vend_id, vend_name, vend_address, and vend_city from Vendors, renaming vend_name to vname, vend_city to vcity, and vend_address to vaddress. Sort the results by vendor name (you can use the original name or the renamed name).

SELECT vend_id,
        vend_name as vname,
        vend_address AS vaddress,
        vend_city AS vcity
FROM Vendors
ORDER BY vname;
Category: Lesson 7

Our example store is running a sale and all products are 10% off. Write a SQL statement that returns prod_id, prod_price, and sale_price from the Products table. sale_price is a calculated field that contains, well, the sale price. Here’s a hint, you can multiply by 0.9 to get 90% of the original value (and thus the 10% off price).

SELECT prod_id, prod_price,
       prod_price * 0.9 AS sale_price
FROM Products;
Category: Lesson 7

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