Say Hello To Adobe Spark

We just announced the release of Adobe Spark, our free (yes, I said FREE) one-stop content shop for creating and sharing visual stories that will wow your audience on any device. And by “stories” we mean web pages, images, and even videos. We want to help everyone – from the smallest of businesses, to bloggers and social media marketers, to a new generation of students (well, especially students) – communicate their ideas with impact, regardless of design experience or budget.

If you previously used Adobe Voice, Adobe Slate, or Adobe Post, then some of this may sound familiar. Adobe Spark is the next chapter in the story started by those apps, and Spark goodness is now available to anyone with a web browser.

Adobe Spark lets you create three types of content:

  • Create a PAGE for stories that are primarily text and image based, your story will be published as a responsive HTML5 web page.
  • Design a POST to create images optimized for social media.
  • Use VIDEO to create, well, a video, using your voice, music, images, icons, and more.

Adobe Spark was built to let you create and share quickly and easily, and so we’ve made Spark available in two ways:

  • Windows, Mac, and Chromebook users can use the Adobe Spark website. Just log in with an Adobe ID, a Facebook login, or a Google (including Google App For Education) account and you’ll be able to create, edit, and share. One website to rule them all.
  • For iPhone and iPad users we created three Adobe Spark apps, one for each of the content types;. Adobe Spark Page (formerly Adobe Slate), Adobe Spark Post (formerly Adobe Post), and Adobe Spark Video (formerly Adobe Voice).

You can use the web version of Adobe Spark, you can use the iOS apps, or you can mix-and-match and Spark will automatically sync content between devices and browsers. Features and functionality are the same regardless of platform, so use whatever works best for you.

You can find lots more info in the Adobe Spark Help Center, including this list of system requirements.

Oh, and in case I neglected to mention it, all of this is FREE.

2 responses to “Say Hello To Adobe Spark”

  1. Linda Lou Avatar
    Linda Lou

    Thanks for sharing this info on Adobe Spark! Excellent that it is free and that the content can be easily created and shared. I intend to use it to further market my business.

  2. Kim Bergstrom Avatar
    Kim Bergstrom

    Adobe Spark sounds perfect for my audience – even better, a free way to share visual content. And we all know that visual content is the way of the future. Even Facebook is moving in that direction. Can’t wait to try it.

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