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And we’ve got more great Slate news to share!
Adobe Slate has been available on the iPad for about half a year, and hundreds of thousands of great stories have already been told in Slate. Kids (and their teachers), in particular, love Slate, and we’ve seen wonderful examples of work created by students of all ages.
Slate stories are beautiful and responsive web pages, and they are viewable in any web browser on any device. But authoring? That requires an iPad. Or rather, it did until today, because we just announced a web version of Slate, everything you know and love about authoring in Slate, but now right within your web browser.
Slate for web is functionally identical to Slate for iPad, you get the same user interface, the same text control, the same image options, the same themes, the same sharing options, the same everything, all from within your favorite browser. Oh, and it is designed to work on Chromebooks, too! And on top of that we’ve added syncing, so that you can author in multiple locations, with browsers and iPads, and your content will always remain in sync.
And here’s one more important thing that stayed the same, the price. Slate for web is priced the same as Slate for iPad, it’s free!
Enjoy, and please share your creations!

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  1. Dan Fredericks Avatar
    Dan Fredericks

    I am absolutely stoked about this new feature…not all schools can give out iPads but every school has a web browser so teaching this tool should not be a lot easier…great job by the Slate team for sure.

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