Just Wrapped Next SQL Book

It’s been sixteen years since the publication of my first book on SQL, Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes. That book was met with such positive feedback that it has been updated three times, has spawned several DBMS-specific spin-off titles, has been translated more than a dozen times, and is part of the curriculum in numerous schools and colleges the world over. In all of its various flavors and iterations, this little book has helped hundreds of thousands learn the basics of SQL. And along the way it has become the best-selling SQL book of all time, a fact that is both incredibly humbling and a source of great pride.
I mentioned the DBMS-specific spin-off titles, thus far for Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. Well, the (much delayed) 4th is on the way. Earlier today I finished reviewing the manuscript for an edition focused on Oracle PL/SQL (covering Oracle 10, 11, 12, and XE). The book page says it’s out of print, but that’s just because it’s not yet shipping. It is available for pre-order, and I’ll post a note when I have a final publication date.
Oh and I’m not done yet. I’m also wrapping a SQL video series, and I’ll post more on that when I have a link to share.

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