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  1. I don’t suppose they have a tutorial on how to hack CF back into Dreamweaver? I don’t think it makes much sense to have these in app. We want the best IDE not Lydia.com lite. Another Adobe product that has clearly lost touch with its customer base.

  2. The old CF extensions should still work, although I’ve not tried them in years.
    As for creating a "Lynda.com lite", well, if you don’t like the in-product tutorials you are welcome to ignore them and even turn off the display. But, last year we implemented this experience for Illustrator and Muse, then Photoshop, and now InDessign and Dreamweaver. And, despite your assertion that doing so is evidence that we’ve "lost touch" with our customers, many (make that very many) customers actually do use the content, which is why we continue to produce it.
    — Ben

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