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  1. Figures….
    While I am glad there is a new version, I just purchased CF10 less than 6 months ago. Looks like I get to shell out another $4,500 for an upgrade again.

  2. When will help files be ready for the new ColdFusion Builder, Ben?
    When you call up help from CFBuilder3, you get a web page from the Adobe site that’s dated 2012.
    There is a small amount of very basic help related to CFB3, but it only gives information about doing the defaults and doesnt give much help for when anything doesnt work as you’d expect.
    In particular, I’ve spent 10 billable hours now on getting it up and going, with no practical help from the help files, except to explain a few terms I was unsure about. I can’t find how to set up FTP, delete an existing FTP site, edit existing FTP settings. The help files say go to ‘Synchronise’ but that functionality isnt on the menus anywhere of CFB3.
    So its a bloody expensive text editor even BEFORE factoring in the cost of buying it.

  3. Try to find this from a menu link on Adobe.com. Unless I’m missing something, the only way to find any reference to ColdFusion is to search for it. Not listed under products, business solutions, nada. That’s very disappointing.

  4. Ben, that’s really disappointing that you all aren’t going to have any new CFWACKs. I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, but it’s almost like the support for CF 11 is dwindling. Even on the Adobe site, most of the information is labeled for CF 10. I’m afraid ColdFusion is going to be one of those products that just quietly fades away. Hope not though! Thanks for the reply Ben!

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