AIR 13 Released

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  1. Bill Brown Avatar
    Bill Brown

    Nice work by the AIR/Flash team. I can see just from the bug fix list that they have to deal with a very wide range of use cases – a testament to how useful the Flash Platform is.
    I’m happy to see that even though Adobe has diverted resources away from AIR/Flash, that the remaining resources seem to be focused on engineering.
    Of course I’d feel much more confident about the platform if Adobe brought it out of the closet and showcased it once in a while.
    I think a lot of the recent developer uproar is the result of the Flash community feeling the loss of some amazing Flash evangelists (Thibault Imbert and Lee Brimelow), who publicly represented Adobe’s commitment to the platform. Bill Howard and Chris Campbell have done commendable jobs, but as Product Managers, they shouldn’t have to deal with the brunt of this passionate community (they should be spending their time making the Flash Platform better instead of dealing with frustrated developers). Is there any way for Adobe to bring back the Flash evangelist position? This would go a long to bringing confidence back into the Flash platform.

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