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  1. I just submitted my thoughts about the diminishing ColdFusion support in the latest Dreamweaver product. I really don’t understand how Adobe can fully support something like PHP in Dreamweaver CC and turn their backs on their own product (ColdFusion). And yes, I’ve heard all of the explanations and rationales but it still just "feels" wrong and sends the wrong message to ColdFusion developers like me who still use Dreamweaver for ColdFusion development. And yes, I’ve tried ColdFusion Builder and yes, I HATE it. I’m sure there are a LOT of other devs out there who feel exactly the same. Unless full support for ColdFusion/CFML is restored in Dreamweaver CC, I’ll be devoting 2014 to finding a replacement IDE for Dreamweaver CC. If I have to make a choice between ColdFusion and Dreamweaver, and it certainly seems that this is what Adobe is pushing for, then I choose ColdFusion.

  2. Gotta agree with Michael.
    I don’t understand why some level of support cannot provided for ColdFusion. At least support the language and code hinting in Dreamweaver.
    I have a strong dislike of CF Builder too.

  3. I’m a designer and coder and I need a product that does both – just like Dreamweaver. Builder is not for me. I’d rather use Notepad than Builder, but I will keep using DW until it no longer does syntax highlighting. Time to do that survey…

  4. I’m glad to see they want feedback. Not thrilled that in that feedback form they list every language in existence, except ColdFusion. Just further iterates how out of touch they are with the development community.
    The decision to drop all languages and become a PHP IDE is very concerning. CF Builder is a good CF code editor, but it greatly lacks the client side tools and time saving features of Dreamweaver. I don’t expect DW to write CF code for me, CF Builder does a better job at that, but I do expect to be able to open CF pages in DW to use their client side tools.

  5. I am developer I agree with all comments and again wish you restore coldfusion support language in dream weaver cc.

  6. Wholeheartedly agree with Mr Markowski and others of similar sentiment here. After CF development of 18 years and moving from the abandoned HomeSite/CF Studio to Dreamweaver over the years to be literally be… from behind – AFTER I signed up for CC was an act of bastardry that must be addressed immediately.
    I would not have signed up for CC at all as CS6 suited me fine. Don’t need your PS, your ID, your whatever. What I do need is an IDE I’ve grown to love over many years like DW to remain stable and relative.
    I also love Fireworks – PaintShop Pro X6 even over PS for ease of use and relevance for what I do.
    ColdFusion Builder 2 and even the 3 build is a joke – no proper word-wrap for code built in? Serious?

  7. Indeed Shawn, Ray and Tarak have echoed my thoughts. You can say code completion is still there but to always have to browse the file list and change the file type to "*.*" to open a document is too much.

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