Jon Perera On The Future Of eSignatures

Fellow Adobian Jon Perera has posted an article entitled Enabling Friction Free Business – Adobe’s eSignature Roadmap. He starts by noting that 90% of contracts in North America are not signed electronically (a rather sad stat, IMHO). He then states that 50 million agreements have been signed on the Adobe EchoSign platform, and goes on to explain the roadmap for these products. While a little more marketingy than I’d like, this one is an interesting read.

3 responses to “Jon Perera On The Future Of eSignatures”

  1. GHarkum Avatar

    This all sounds great, but difficult to rely upon as Adobe could decide to pull the plug at any time, no matter what they have said previously leaving us all floundering as they have in past.
    EchoSign might be the inductry leader, but I for one wouldn’t trust it whilst it’s in Adobes hands.

  2. Anonymou's Avatar

    You would think with all the fancy universitie’s out there and all the people that are graduate’s of them that more of these educated people would know the difference between plural’s and possessive’s, and when they are and aren’t supposed to use apostrophe’s.

  3. adz88 Avatar

    Any prediction on when this will move to an over priced subscription model, or are Adobe waiting for customers to rely on it first?

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