Adobe Generator For Photoshop CC Explained

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  1. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    Ben… remember how hard we all worked to pull Imageready out of Photoshop? Not only because it was a joke, but because Fireworks just did everything Imageready did, but better. Generator is very clearly the Imageready sequel. Of course I’m expecting the "no it’s not" and "you don’t understand it" response, but this is clearly Adobe’s ripping apart of Fireworks features in an attempt to make Photoshop king again. The Fireworks community doesn’t buy it, which is distinctly clear from the comments in the link you’ve posted.
    I distinctly remember asking you what happens when Adobe turn into the arrogant snobs they once were before the Macromedia "merge". And you assured me that would never happen again. Wake-up call… THIS IS IT!
    Needless to say we’ve not heard so much as a word out of the ColdFusion side either. Are the Adobe execs in their secret backroom planning the demise of ColdFusion too? It sure seems like it.
    This is why we miss Macromedia. The passion was about development and tools to make that development better with people (such as yourself) who listened AND responded. Adobe doesn’t listen. Adobe doesn’t respond. Adobe is about money. Plain and simple.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Not sure how you want me to respond to that, Rick. But …
    I don’t believe I ever made absolute definitive statements about the future of any product or company. All businesses change and all products have natural life cycles, and as much as we all have our favorite products and workflows and services, it’s never wise to forget that at the end of the day businesses are, well, businesses, and they have to make business decisions.
    That said, Photoshop is not Fireworks, I don’t believe anyone has claimed otherwise. What has been said is that there’d be no further development on Fireworks, but that it would remain available and would get bug fixes, and that we were also exploring new tool options better suited to modern web development. I still use Fireworks myself when it is the right tool, and you can, too. Seeing features added to Photoshop does not make Fireworks less useful. Yes, I’d also like to see ongoing development in Fireworks, but I know that the product teams spent considerable time on the decision, and I respect the fact that they did so, even if I don’t love the outcome. See this post:
    As for ColdFusion, CF11 is on the works, the first Adobe hosted CF conference in years is happening next month and registration has exceeded initial projections. So, no, I don’t think CF is facing imminent demise. But, yes, even ColdFusion at some point in the future will end up in maintenance mode, just like every other product in history. I’m not worried about it happening anytime soon, but I’m not foolish to believe it’ll never happen.
    All that said, yes, Adobe is not Macromedia, just like Macromedia was not Allaire, and just like Allaire in 2000 was not Allaire of 1995. Hopefully though we’re still innovating and creating the software people want. It looks like we are indeed doing that, which is why I am still here.
    — Ben

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