Weigh In On The Future Of ColdFusion Features

The ColdFusion team is going through the complex process of determining what to do with lesser used or legacy product features. Fill in this Adobe ColdFusion Feature Usage Survey to have your voice heard.

2 responses to “Weigh In On The Future Of ColdFusion Features”

  1. Adam Cameron Avatar
    Adam Cameron

    Did you put your oar in Ben? What are your thoughts on the questions Rakshith asks, and possibly ones he didn’t ask but should have?


  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Oh, I most definitely did, Adam. I am not going to share my votes yet, I’ll let others weigh in first. But, readers of this blog know where I stand on much of this. And yes, I don’t think the list in the survey was complete enough.
    — Ben

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