FusionReactor 5 Released

Over the years I have often referred to FusionReactor as a a vital tool in every ColdFusion Administrator’s toolbox. Intergral has just announced a major upgrade in FusionReactor 5, which now includes:

  • New responsive user interface
  • New (non Flash) graphing components
  • End to end user monitoring – see real user performance
  • Autowrap JDBC data sources – no more JDBC wrapper
  • Improved alerting and notification capabilities
  • User defined transactions
  • Support for Hibernate and MongoDB
  • Active Session monitoring
  • HTTP Status code monitoring
  • EnGuard Server Protection
  • FusionReactor Mobile – for Android / iOS
  • Extended support for JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty & GlassFish – J2EE platforms
  • Licensing support for elastic cloud monitoring
  • ProfileBox – FR5 extension for CF ColdBox framework
  • And much more

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