Building Your First PhoneGap Build App

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  1. Brian Rinaldi Avatar
    Brian Rinaldi

    For those who prefer a written tutorial, I have a very similar topic covered in 7 parts (so a bit more detail):

  2. Chris Avatar

    Just installed Adobe Edge Code and it does not have the PhoneGap plugin option like in the video. Is that installed separately?

  3. Don Woodward Avatar
    Don Woodward

    Hi Chris,
    Currently the plugin must be downloaded and installed separately. We’re working to make that part of Edge Code directly, but for now you can install as follows:
    1. Download the zip file from
    2. Unzip the zip file and place the contents (a folder of stuff) inside the Edge Code extensions user folder (In Edge Code select Help/Show Extensions Folder and then drill into the user sub-directory and put the contents in there.
    For example, my directory looks like this:
    after I copied the brackets_phonegap directory into the user subdirectory of the extensions folder.
    There is some further info here:

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