Lots of news and excitement at Adobe MAX this morning. Here are some useful links to help you keep all of the news straight:

[Updated 05/07/2013]

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  1. Ben!!! For the first time, you weren’t in either of the keynotes…for that matter, ColdFusion (or ANY database-centric info) wasn’t in the keynotes either. And I noticed that the word "database" is nowhere to be found in any of the Web Developer sessions. What is going on? Is Adobe giving up on the data that give the pretty pictures substance for the info-hungry world? I don’t get it.
    Oh well, glad I went to MAX when it mattered to me. And I am glad I got to ride the Rockin’ Roller Coaster with you back when MAX was in a fun spot. That and New Orleans…although, that one is a little fuzzy…

  2. I recall CF used to have a fairly decent presence @ MAX but there doesn’t seem to be any this year (besides the Mura CMS booth). Is there an official explanation for this?

  3. Well, it’s a whole new MAX, just as we said it would be. MAX is now the Creative Cloud conference, and it therefore focused on products and services that are part of CC and not those that aren’t. ColdFusion was therefore not included. But, don’t panic, the CF team is planning a CF specific event later this year.
    And you are correct, I did not present as part of the keynotes, but I did present Sneaks and I actually did help produce the opening keynote).
    — Ben

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