Ryan Stewart's New Role

I may be slightly biased, but … it takes evangelists to get stuff done, and some of your favorite Adobe products are being managed by evangelism team alumni. The latest of our elite to make this leap is Ryan Stewart who recently announced that he the new Product Manager for Edge Code and will thus be joining Andrew Shorten‘s team working closely with Adam Lehman (who manages Brackets) and Raghu Thricovil (who managed Adobe Edge Animate and now manages the HTML Innovation Pipeline). And yes, Andrew and Adam and Raghu are all evangelism team alumni. See what I mean?
Congrats, Ryan!

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  1. Ryan Stewart Avatar
    Ryan Stewart

    Thanks Ben! I’m behind on my blog feeds and going through Google Reader I did a double take when I saw the title. I was confused for half a second.
    And you’re right, it turns out the evangelism tree in PM is significant 🙂

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