Presenting Apache Flex

Whoa, I can’t believe this one slipped by me. Apache Flex is out on incubation, and is now a Top-Level Project. The formal vote by the Apache Software Foundation Board occurred on December, 19th 2012. Apache Flex is still on the Apache Incubator site, but that should change shortly. Congrats to the team on this milestone!

3 responses to “Presenting Apache Flex”

  1. tanguyr Avatar

    I’m hoping Adobe does the same with ColdFusion one day.

  2. Russell Brown Avatar
    Russell Brown

    God I hope not. This is great news in its scope, but Adobe’s handling of Flash and Flex communication has been a proverbial bullet to the head for Flex.

  3. Richard Avatar

    can Flex survive then and coexist along with HTML5?

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