Creative Cloud Now With Ongoing Training

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  1. Paul Avatar

    Why no CF Builder access through Creative Cloud? Huge oversight or another pointer the demise of CF?
    A choice between Dreamweaver or CF Builder would be nice.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    ColdFusion Builder is an IDE intended to support ColdFusion, it is great for ColdFusion developers but not really intended for use without ColdFusion. As ColdFusion itself is not a part of Creative Cloud (nor are any server products, for the record) it makes very little sense to include ColdFusion Builder among the Creative Cloud downloadable apps.
    — Ben

  3. Paul Avatar

    Wow, I couldn’t disagree more, and am floored you (or Adobe) would say such a thing.
    Was really hoping you were going to go the other way: "You’re right, it makes very little sense why we *wouldn’t* offer developers this choice. Encouraging developers to use our own products is in our best interests. I’ll bring it up with the Adobe brass."

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Paul, so what exactly are you disagreeing with, not having ColdFusion Builder as a Creative Cloud download, or not making ColdFusion available to Creative Cloud subscribers?
    If the former, well then you must see CFB as a tool for non ColdFusion use, in which case yes, we disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of CFB, but it is a CF IDE, not a general purpose IDE, and I stand by my assertion that it is of little use without CF itself.
    If it is ColdFusion you want made available to Creative Cloud subscribers, now that’s an interesting discussion to have. While ColdFusion is outside the scope of Creative Cloud right now, we definitely should look at all future opportunities.
    — Ben

  5. Paul Avatar

    I’m disagreeing with not offering CFB in CC. I’m sorry, but your explanations for why it’s not offered have me even more perplexed.
    Because it’s a CF IDE and not general purpose? That just doesn’t make any sense. Yes, it’s a CF IDE and, CF being an Adobe product, would be EXACTLY why you would offer it.
    I can’t help but think you and I are looking at CC through very different mindsets. I’m a developer that uses the tools in CC to build web and mobile sites. However, because I’ve chosen Adobe’s own CF as my back end somehow I’m not the target consumer of CC?

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Then I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree. The way I see it, ColdFusion Builder is there to support the use of ColdFusion, I even consider it a ColdFusion feature, it’s invaluable if you use ColdFusion, and not of use if you don’t. If ColdFusion was made available to Creative Cloud subscribers (and I personally would like to see that happen, although as a cloud based service instead of as a downloadable installable server) then I’d expect CFB to be included in the Creative Cloud apps, and if not then not. And as ColdFusion is currently not a Creative Cloud offering, ColdFusion Builder does not belong there either.
    — Ben

  7. Kelly Avatar

    Just signed up for CC today and was disappointed when I couldn’t find CFB. After doing some searching, I came across this discussion. I must say that I’m just as perplexed as Paul. I think it is against your and Adobe’s own interest to continue to isolate CFB from the rest of the Adobe web design and development products. It truly makes me question Adobe’s long-term commitment to the CF.

  8. Laurence MacNeill Avatar
    Laurence MacNeill

    I would love to see BOTH ColdFusion and ColdFusionBuilder added to the Creative Cloud.
    I do understand why you’re not including CFB in the Cloud subscription — it’s truly designed to work solely with ColdFusion, and who else would need it, right?
    But if you included BOTH ColdFusion and ColdFusionBuilder in the Creative Cloud subscription — now THAT would be a *wonderful* thing, in my opinion…

  9. Douglas Palmer Avatar
    Douglas Palmer

    I admit I don’t keep up with the blogs and such as well as I should. I was flabbergasted when I found out they had hobbled DW CC by removing support for development of CF apps and pages. When I was pointed to CFB as a substitute, I went to look for it in the CC "master" suite and of course could not find it there. We rely heavily on CF for our internal apps and have used DW for development to manage the look and feel of pages so they are consistent across the enterprise. It’s sad to see that’s no longer possible and we’ve had to start moving to php (which is supported). Whatever else they (Adobe) think, they have to realize this change hurts continued development. We tried CFB a long time ago and fled for more fruitful (and more generally useful) workflow using DW and associated design products. I hear the arguments for keeping CFB out of CC, but they really make no sense. I hope this is not, as it does seem, a signal of lost support for development on CF itself. It has certainly marginalized the product here. How long before FlashBuilder gets excised? I would guess a long time because Adobe seems committed to the product. Some IDEs are more equal than others.

  10. Mchael-Rene Prince Avatar
    Mchael-Rene Prince

    Hello Ben.
    As always you have provided a well-spring of information. Now I have a question:
    I’ve subscribed to CC and will be developing a Coldfusion powered site. As "invaluable" as CFB is in your opinion, do you think I could develop a robust CF site using DW?
    I’m hoping the answer is yes as my funds are limited and I’d be happy not having to invest money in yet another piece of software right now.
    I more than likely will buy CFB, but not in the near future, and I can’t hold off on developing my site. I’ll be building this site for use on a CF10 server, if that makes a difference in your opinion.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Laura Nagel Avatar
    Laura Nagel

    I too am perplexed and irritated frankly that there is no support for Cold Fusion that I developed originally through Dreamweaver. Why is it now excluded? And do I have to now spend another $100 to buy CF Builder? Dreamweaver will not even open the files, which it did before.

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