InfoWorld On Native Mobile App Dev Vs. HTML5

Paul Krill has written a piece for InfoWorld entitled Native mobile app dev vs. HTML5: Why not both?. Paul contrasts the “native experience is second to none” with the ease of development and reduced cost associated with web standards based app development (including PhoneGap), and concludes:
Although there will always be developers who adhere to the native paradigm for all or some of their development, the HTML5 and JavaScript combination are too enticing to ignore … HTML5 development clearly opens up mobile devices to the multitude of JavaScript developers, even if the die-hard native developers have an edge in which functionality they can access on specific tablets and smartphones. Enterprises and commercial software developers will continue weighing which option best serves their needs — and you can expect most will pick both options, or a hybrid approach. Why? Because the it turns out the question is not whether you should go native or HTML, but when.
Well said, Paul. I agree, it’s about knowing all of your options, understanding the pros and cons of each, and then picking the right tool for the job.

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  1. Rob Avatar

    It is sad that Adobe AIR is never mentioned in these types of debates. If speed of development and ease of deployment are really important for developers, Flex with AIR would have been a clear winner.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ah, I was hoping that someone would bring up AIR, thank you.
    In my books AIR has a very similar value proposition to that of technologies like PhoneGap. For the right app, and for the right developer (meaning one with AS experience), AIR is a superb option.
    In fact, when I brief the press (as I do often, although I did not brief Paul Krill this time) I make just that point.
    — Ben

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