ColdFusion 10 has been released, and users have been asking about the update to our ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit (aka CFWACK) books.
So, here’s the scoop …
ColdFusion 10 is a very important release, one which builds on the success of ColdFusion 9 by adding invaluable new features and functionality. And that is key, ColdFusion 10 does not change much about the previous release, it adds features and functionality. This means that ColdFusion 9 code and apps should just run as is in ColdFusion 10, and any books and tutorials on ColdFusion 9 apply to ColdFusion 10 as well.
And this presented me with a dilemma. CFWACK started off as a single volume, and then grew to two volumes, and have been three volumes since ColdFusion 8. With a cover price of close to $60 per volume, I could not in good conscience justify updating all the books and charging readers that much money when most of the content in the existing books remains current and applicable. Plus, in order to cover the new features in ColdFusion 10, I’d have had to remove chapters from the existing books, and as the ColdFusion’s breadth and scope has increased, that has proven to be a very difficult task.
After lengthy discussions with the publisher, the ColdFusion product team, and my co-authors, we opted not to update the three CFWACK volumes for ColdFusion 10. Instead, we’d create a fourth volume, a “What’s New In ColdFusion 10?” volume, intended to be an addition to the current series. This would be much fairer to ColdFusion users, and would also allow for the greatest possible content coverage.
So where is this new volume? Unfortunately (well, I guess it is actually fortunately) there was another recent major Adobe product release, CS6 and the Creative Cloud. The publisher had so many titles to create and update for these releases, that our title got stuck in the queue, and was thus very late leaving the gate.
So, on behalf of my co-authors, I apologize for the title not being ready with the product release. We will release this new volume, and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

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  1. This actually makes a ton of sense, good call! Just make sure to put a similar explanation on the back of the book so new developers can know where to start.

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