Welcome Christie Fidura, Our New EMEA Community Manager

Supporting our community has long been an utterly critical part of what I and my team do. My own involvement with the community goes back to the mid-90s (before I joined Allaire), and between MAX and usergroups and community events and more, I personally remain very connected to the community. Indeed, having a dedicated team to focus on, and support, our most loyal and passionate users is a source of much pride for me. But, it’s no secret that for the past few years we’ve not been staffed to provide appropriate local support for communities in Europe (and indeed, all of EMEA). And so I’m really pleased that Christie Fidura has joined our community team as our new UK based EMEA Community Manager. Christie has been with Adobe since 2009, and her prior role did afford her the opportunity for some community involvement, but now community is her full-time job. She has posted a hello message on the community blog, feel free to go by to say hi and welcome her to her new role.

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