Want To Join Adobe's Web Standards Projects Team?

We’re looking for WebKit engineers, web standards engineers, quality engineers, JavaScript engineers, and engineering managers.

One response to “Want To Join Adobe's Web Standards Projects Team?”

  1. Nicholas Mayne Avatar
    Nicholas Mayne

    I just want to be that guy that gives feedback to Adobe and get the "desktop" web back to its former glory. I tried the regular feedback channel, but alas, no one reads it or responds.
    The "desktop" web is the future of the internet NOT the mobile apps. The app stuff will not continue indefinitely as it costs business too much to develop apps and functionality specific to a mobile platform. That is where the good ole web browser comes in. Let’s standardize all the intimate functionality that an app may have with a phone via the web.
    And that is where Adobe will get back it’s former glory. Maybe even use Coldfusion to do it. A Coldfusion browser perhaps? Just my crazy idea, but that’s usually the most profitable stuff.

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