New Site: Adobe & HTML

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  1. Michael Zock Avatar
    Michael Zock

    I hope it won’t be much longer until Firefox and Opera start to adopt CSS regions as well. Until then they’re not much more than an underappreciated proposal.

  2. Keith Avatar

    It would be great if there could also be a site called Adobe and Air, so that all of us who bought FlashBuilder have at least some news of what is (or is not) going on with the product we invested our time and money on.

  3. Marcin Avatar

    I agre … There is No info about air and flashbuilder … I think Adobe will drop this technology ? …..

  4. Other Avatar

    And Why Adobe Dropp Flash Builder From Web And Design Bungle ?
    The mobile apps ( one of target of this bungle ) is now bad with flash Builder ?
    so frustrating ….

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